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FCP Funds

Don’t have the time to choose individual stocks and shares? Funds could be the answer. This page helps you decide which to pick.
You could make investing easier by choosing funds. Learn more about the advantages of investing in funds, search our database of top-performing funds worldwide, and find out how our investment specialists could make your life even easier with our FCP funds and FCP Favourite funds list.

The FCP funds are the easy, low-cost way to access the investment markets

Choosing where to invest your hard-earned wealth is one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. We have designed a simple solution to help you.

The FCP Favourite funds list is our pick of funds which offer the combination of excellent fund management, low charges and best long term potential performance.

New to funds?

Our investment ideas can help you narrow down your search, or even do the hard work for you.
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