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Investing with FCP

We’ve brought our range of Starting Options, funds, and stocks together to help you achieve more with your money over the long term.

Plus, you can open a FCP Stocks & Shares ISA and earn 3.25% AER (variable) on any cash you set aside – so you’re growing your money before you even start investing.

How is investing different to saving?

The main difference between investing and saving is that investing is for the long term, while saving is for the short term. When you’re investing, you should aim to lock your money away for more than five years to give it time to grow.

This chart shows how investing returns for the FCP Balanced Starting Option ‘beat’ the returns of cash savings over a 10-year period.* Just remember, past performance isn’t always a reliable indicator of future returns.

With the FCP Stocks & Shares ISA, you can invest in our range of funds and stocks. Or, you can add money as Available Cash and earn 3.25% AER (variable) until you’re ready to invest it.

New to funds?

Our investment ideas can help you narrow down your search, or even do the hard work for you.
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